Co-Creator and performer:

Dancer born in Chile and based in Seville. He grows up with his parents and three sisters - all dancers - in theaters, rehearsals and music ... at 18 he was already directing his first show. As the last work, with 26 years, he released his twelfth work in 2018 "A la Larga el Galgo a la Liebre Mata". He lives in Seville since 2012 where he has worked in Cristina Hoyos's Ballet and in the company of José Galván. His work has taken him to the stages of Lithuania, Argentina, Spain, Scotland, Canada, England, Latvia, Austria, Greece, France, China, among others.



Choreographer in the Chilean company FLAMENCO TRIANA with the creations:

In the long run the galgo to the hare kills (2018) · Another rooster would sing (2017) ·

From such a stick like a splinter (2016) · Carmen. Valparaíso 1950 (2015) ·

The noise of the walnuts (2014) We are (2012) · I am (2012) · Misa Flamenca (2011) ·

Flamenco in Family (2010).


Create the show "Castaway" with your company. Spain.


Dancer in the video "Hang & Flamenco & Bouzouki". Topic "Trece" from the album

 "Raíces y Alas" by Javier Hang & David Martin. Spain


Dancer and Repeater at the Cía. José Galván, show "Guajiro". Spain


Premieres "Adentra" with his company Flamenco Ruta. Spain


Dancer in the show "La Extranjera" Cía. The Typical. Madrid and London.


Dancer in the project "Sutartines & Flamenco". Lithuania


Dancer at Cristina Hoyos Ballet, tour China, and dancer at the

Cristina Hoyos Flamenco Dance Museum. Sevilla Spain.


Protagonist and choreographer with José Galván in the play "Dancing to Camarón". Quintero Theater, Spain


He premieres the Flamenco-Dance Short Film "Mantis de Barro" with his Flamenco Ruta company, Spain.


First dancer at the Opera Carmen. Choreography: Nuria Torrejon. Art Direction: Emilio Saggi. Municipal Theater of Santiago.


Co-Creator and performer:

Actress Mimo with a degree in Dramatic Art from the University of Kent-Canterbury, and a degree in Dramatic Art from the ESADT.

He receives instructions from directors such as Fermín Cabal, Roberto Alonso, Jesús Salgado, Nieves Olcoz, Karol Wisniewski, José Piris, among others.

It is with the latter that he specializes in Modern Mime at the Nouveau Colombier school with direct disciples of Marcel Marceau, and then deepen his knowledge at the Mimo L'Ange Fou national school, led by Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson, direct disciples and assistants of E. Decroux.

He went on to participate as an assistant to José Piris paa after beginning his pedagogy of this art at Nouveau Colombier and other academies. She has participated as a teacher of Modern Mime in flamenco dance seminars led by Eva Yerbabuena. She also participates as a professor at the Magical Campus directed by Fernando Figueras, investigating the body and its possibilities in the world of magic.


"The winds of Pandora": Teatro Bulevar Torrelodones (Madrid)


"Six characters in search of an author": Municipal Theater 'Las Cigüeñas'

(Hoyo de Manzanares)


"Boxes": María Guerrero Theater (Madrid)


"Las Más-Cara de las bodas": Theater of sensation (C. Real) and the Threshold of Spring (Madrid)


"Initiation": The neomudéjar (Madrid)


"The creation of the world": Sala Réplika Theater and Cultural Center Paco Rabal (Madrid)


"La Tempestad": Teatro Casa de Cultura (Collado Villalba)


"The rise and fall of Mr. Bigodi": Pleasance Theater (London)


"Campaign against Gender Abuse": Cultural Center of Moncloa (Madrid)


"Recortes": San Agustín Cultural Center (Durango)


"Angels without Wings": Old Convent of Santo Domingo (Garachico, Tenerife)


Musical composition and guitar:

Guitarist and composer of wide trajectory. He began his artistic career at an early age in his native Greece. In 2008 he played the Concierto de Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo) with the Symphony Orchestra of Athens. That event became a transcendental turn in his artistic career, as it meant the definitive change to flamenco.

His music is characterized by its great plasticity and diversity that he expresses in each of his notes, both for his experiences in the flamenco world and other genres, as well as for his training in classical music.

Among his collaborations are artists like Carlos Heredia, Lole Montoya, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Manuela Rios, Antonio Serrano, Rafael de Utrera, among others. He has performed in the most important venues in Spain, such as the Teatro de la Maestranza, the Lope de Vega Theater, the Central Theater, the Quintero Theater, the Turina Tetaro, the Cajasol Foundation, the Mosque in Cordoba, Bilbao in Bilborock, and the Teatro de la Maestranza. different countries such as Germany, England, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, China, France, Morocco and Greece.




Within its formation is the Superior Conservatory of Havana (Cuba) and the school of Juan Oliva. The study of the flamenco cajón was carried out by Paquito González, the Porrina brothers, Paco Vega and Kike Terrón.

In 2006 he began his training for flamenco dance, accompanying classes of dancers such as Juana Amaya, José Galván, Carmen Ledesma, Manuela Ríos, Úrsula López, Marco de Ana, etc. Since 2012, he has been working with different dancers, guitarists and singers of the current Sevillian flamenco scene making different tours throughout the country as with the company of José Galván and with the company of “La Farruca”.



Creators and performers: Deidi Lucas & Gabriel Aragú

Musical composition and guitar: Socrates

Percussion: Miguel Rosa

Costumes: Luna Rosa

Lighting: Tatiana Ruiz (www.tatiana-ruiz.com)

Sound: Manuel Prieto